Super Heroes


Suicide Squad Movie » more

Suicide Squad Movie Release is scheduled on 4th August 2016. It is a complex story where a government agent Amanda Waller comes up with a plan to undertake dangerous missions with the help of a few DC Villains. Who knows how this will end up? Will Suicide Squad being evil fight another evil?
  • “Behind every successful male super villain lays an ever more cunning female v...
  • The grim vigilante, who loves his secrecy and who we love for his gadgets. Who...
  • Does anybody know who Mr. Rekoj is? How about Mr. Face Paint or the Crown Prin...

Justice League: Part One » more

"Justice League: Part One" is one of the highly anticipated movie of the decade, directed by Zack Snyder. The first installment of two parts is going to be about evolution of Batman as a great leader, who will be uniting superheroes to fight against Steppenwolf.
  • Cyborg also known as founding member of Justice League has both human and robo...
  • Fastest man alive on earth, The Flash. He is known for his speed and also for ...
  • "Arthur Curry, I hear you talk to fish"- the famous line from Batman in the tr...

List of Superheroes »More

When our Universe is in danger, Superheroes come forward to save humanity and mankind! Check out the list of Superheroes here that come to our rescue.

Super Villains »More

What is the existence of Superheroes without Super villains? Get a list of Super Villains from DC Universe, Marvel Universe, and discover their evil ways.

Superhero Comparison »More

How will you decide which is your favorite Superhero? You can do Superhero Comparison with respect to their super powers and abilities. Compare and see who comes out to be the best!

Super Villains Comparison »More

Looking for a comparison of Super Villains? Check out the various super villains comparisons on the basis of their powers, strengths and abilities here!

Avengers Members »More

Avengers Members are the Earth's mightiest heroes. They are grouped together to put down foes which a single hero can't withstand. So come explore the world of Avengers!

Justice League Members »More

Get fun facts about Batman, Superman, Black Canary and all other Justice League members. The team is good enough to take down the evilest villains!

Armored Supercharacters »More

Superheroes are ready to cross all odds when it comes to treading the path of justice and saving the world from criminals. Their armor is their strength, assisting them through battles. Find all armored supercharacters here!

List of Mutant Superheroes »More

Genetic abnormalities is what makes these characters different from the other Superheroes. Get a list of all the mutant superheroes that use these special powers to put down their foes. You will get to know more fun facts about them!

Superhero Definition

An appropriate superhero definition would be a fictional character who uses exceptional supernatural powers with a strong moral code for saving the public from super villains. The adrenaline rush is triggered by motivation for saving humanity and going at lengths to make sure they are not just defending the humanity but also their beliefs. They are classified according to their universe as Marvel Superheroes and DC Superheroes, and when we dare to combine super heroes from both the universe we have an awesome list. You can compare super heroes and supervillains using our superhero comparison tool.

Types of Superheroes

When we talk about types of superheroes, we also have supervillains and these villains belong to Marvel Villains and DC Villains category. All these characters have unique powers and abilities and that’s what makes their comparison interesting. Depending upon the abilities, we discuss types of superheroes from the list of super heroes who are highly anticipated.

Armored Characters: These are the ones who harness their powers from a suit which is used as a part of their costume. Iron Man would be a part of this list of superheroes.

Alien Characters: Their race is Alien. They posses super powers from birth.

Some of these fictional characters can also be classified as Female Superheroes and Female Supervillains, who are equally charming and dangerous.

Superheroes History

Many of us are intrigued when it comes to All Superheroes and super villains history. Since the inception of super heroes, we have loved them and their stories still continue to fascinate everyone. All super heroes are unique and comparing them side by side is exciting. Superheroes History from DC characters and Marvel characters are discussed below:

DC Characters

DC characters are famous and popular since 1940's. One of the famous DC Universe Characters, handpicked from the epic list of super heroes, was Superman and rest super heroes were introduced over the years. Super heroes are the ones who have the X-Factor which is also known as the meta gene or the gene that gives them edge over the others. Super heroes like Superman & Wonder woman are from outer planet and they possess this meta gene from birth, whereas heroes like Batman & Green Arrow are humans and they don’t have any superpowers and abilities and yet they are one of the prime heroes because of their expertise in martial arts, technology and gadgets which leads to superhero comparison among DC characters.

Marvel Characters

Unlike DC, there are few Marvel Universe Characters who were famous back in 1950’s. Most of the impeccable marvel characters were created in 1960’s and are the ones who created buzz not only in comics world but also in other media like films and games. Having a exceptional case of Captain America, rest all the famous super heroes like Iron man, Spider man, Thor, Antman etc belongs to the Marvel’s list of super heroes. And if you go for superhero comparison from Marvel universe, you will find very interesting information about them.