Obsidian Biography

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1 Powers
1.1 Strength Level
Martian Manhunt..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Heat Wave Biography
1.2 Statistics
1.2.1 Intelligence
Batman Biography
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Solomon Grundy Biography
1.2.2 Strength
Superman Biogra..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Rocket Raccoon Biography
1.2.3 Speed
Superman Biogra..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
John Constantine Biography
1.2.4 Durability
Superman Biogra..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Longshot Biography
1.2.5 Power
Superman Biogra..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Namor Biography
1.2.6 Combat
Batman Biography
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
KillGrave Biography
1.3 Super Powers
1.3.1 Special Powers
Energy Based Constructs, Levitation, Density Control, Size Manipulation, Willpower Based Constructs
1.3.2 Physical Powers
Super human agility, Super human strength, Super human stamina
1.4 Weapons
1.4.1 Armor
No armor
1.4.2 Gadgets
No gadgets
1.4.3 Equipment
No Equipment
1.5 Abilities
1.5.1 Physical Abilities
Unarmed Combat, Escape artist, Flight
1.5.2 Mental Abilities
Genius level intellect, Tracking, Telepathy
2 Real Name
2.1 Name
2.1.1 Alter Ego
Todd James Rice
2.1.2 Alias
Todd Rice
2.2 Who Played
2.2.1 In Films
Not Yet Appeared
2.3 Family
2.3.1 Love Interest
2.4 Genre
2.4.1 Gender1
2.4.2 Gender2
2.4.3 Identity
2.4.4 Alignment
2.4.5 Gender
3 Enemies
3.1 Enemies of
3.1.1 Foes
3.2 Weakness
3.2.1 Elemental Weakness
Vulnerability to Light
3.2.2 Medical Weakness
3.3 And Friends
3.3.1 Friends
3.3.2 Sidekick
3.3.3 Teams
Not Available
4 Facts
4.1 Origin
4.1.1 Date of Birth
4.1.2 Creator
Roy thomas, Jerry Ordway
4.1.3 Universe
Earth-Two, New Earth
4.1.4 Publisher
4.2 First Appearance
4.2.1 In Comics
All-Star Squadron Annual #2 - The Ultra War!
4.2.2 Comic Appearances
Wolverine Biogr..
312 Issues
Rank: 100 (Overall)
Chick Biography
4.3 Characteristics
4.3.1 Height
Galactus Biogra..
5.11 ft
Rank: 67 (Overall)
Antman Biography
4.3.2 Hair Color
4.3.3 Weight
Supreme Intelli..
193 lbs
Rank: 100 (Overall)
Lockjaw Biography
4.3.4 Eye Color
4.4 Profile
4.4.1 Race
4.4.2 Citizenship
4.4.3 Marital Status
4.4.4 Occupation
Not Available
4.4.5 Base
Not Available
4.4.6 Relatives
Not Available
5 Movies List
5.1 Movies
5.1.1 First Movie
Not Yet Appeared
5.1.2 Upcoming Movies
Not yet announced
5.1.3 Famous Movies
Not Yet Appeared
5.1.4 Other Movies
Not Yet Appeared
5.2 Media Characters
5.3 Animated Movies
5.3.1 First Animated Movie
Not yet appeared
5.3.2 Upcoming Animated Movies
Not yet appeared
5.3.3 Famous Animated Movies
Not yet appeared
5.3.4 Other Animated Movies
Not yet appeared
6 Games List
6.1 Xbox Games
6.1.1 Xbox 360
Not yet appeared
6.1.2 Xbox
Not yet appeared
6.2 PS Games
6.2.1 PS3
Not yet appeared
6.2.2 PS4
Not yet appeared
6.2.3 PS2
Not yet appeared
6.3 PC Games
6.3.1 Macintosh
Not yet appeared
6.3.2 Windows
Not yet appeared

Obsidian Trivia

Aren't you curious to know about Obsidian biography? Good news! You are at the right place where your curiosity meets our information on Obsidian biography and Obsidian trivia. Created by Jerry Ordway and Roy Thomas, he first appeared in the famous edition, All-Star Squadron Annual #2 - The Ultra War! which was published by DC. Find the list of Obsidian movies here. We present you Obsidian biography in an organised manner and you can discover all about Obsidian here.

Information on Obsidian

Here, we are going to have a closer look into information on who is Obsidian and Obsidian trivia. Continuing with Obsidian trivia, we will try to answer queries related to his powers, enemies and some non-communicated facts about Obsidian biography. So what are you waiting for? Check out the information on Obsidian.

Obsidian Characters

When we talk about Obsidian characters, we are listing name of the enemies and friends from Obsidian biography who have appeared at some point during his journey of being a classic Superhero.Find all about Obsidian Enemies and friends who helped in building an epic Obsidian biography, a journey worth remembrance.

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